“How did I get here?”  It’s a question we all ask ourselves, and for me, it’s a question that I ponder a lot when I’m sitting at my desk at my “day job”.  I grew up encouraged by my parents to be creative.  My father was a smart man: a pharmacist, a violinist, a free-thinker and my daddy.  My mom a self-taught artist who loves to write who brought love and beauty to our lives.  Our home was always filled with family and friends (old and just met) who were welcome to come by to share a meal, stay if they didn’t have a place to stay.  There were students who needed study help, musicians, poets.  There was food and music, laughter and friendship, ideas and art.

I have always been interested in art.  As I child I would fill up books and papers with drawings.  Cut-away houses and castles with detailed rooms.  Princesses and fairies and eyes.  I always drew eyes.   And I remember whenever we would read about something new that looked interesting, my father would say, “Let’s try it!” and off we’d go to learn something new.  Bead shops, stained glass stores, oriental rug weaving shops.  He opened new avenues for me.  New endeavors.  Some succeeded…some didn’t.  But it instilled in me the desire to continue to learn and to not be afraid of failure.

And through the years and onto adulthood, I have continued with my desire to create.  It’s Essential.  Necessary.  If I am not creating, I am not happy or fulfilled.  And so this year, this 2017, I have decided that I am spreading my wings.  Taking that leap of faith in myself.  In my art.  In my creative desire to be who God intended me to be.  An artist.  A dreamer.  Impulsive.  A creater of beauty.  And fun.  It’s a declaration to myself.  I am who I am.  And creativity is essential to my existence.

And so here it is.  I’m throwing myself out there to the world. My blog will encompass all my creative endeavors:

  • Art – my illustrations and drawings
  • Jewelry -my line of jewelry – Pomegranate & Eye – where I create unique pieces of jewelry with metal clays and eye beads
  • Health & Wellness- through healthy living and natural solutions using DoTerra essential oils – I teach classes in using these amazing oils to
  • Cancer Awareness – I am a 3 x cancer survivor and an advocate for cancer issues
  • Food – I am a vegan and love to create in the kitchen – so I’ll have recipes to share
  • Love, Faith & Compassion – I am a woman of faith and I try my best to put my beliefs into action.
  • Family -I am a mom, a wife, a gramma (lovingly known as Menee to our grandsons and Noonoo to our granddaughter), a daughter, a sister, a crazy auntie …
  • Myself – I put this here because I am constantly creating and re-creating myself.  I am on a path to health through BrightLine eating, yoga, prayer, and more activity.

And so lately when I ponder, “How DID I get here?”  I also ask myself, “How long am I staying?”  It’s that answer that I’m working on!  I KNOW it lies ahead,  and I’m excited to dream that dream, put it into action, and make it real!

Welcome to me – Essentially Anush!


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