I Paint With Armenian Coffee

If you’ve ever experienced drinking a small cup of Armenian coffee, you know that it packs a punch.  We pulverize/powder our coffee beans.  Even the “espresso” or “Turkish coffee” setting on the Trader Joe’s grinder isn’t fine enough.   I have found that it creates a beautiful and rich pigment that I love painting with.   What sparked my interest in painting with coffee happened years ago with a diagnosis of breast cancer and recovery.  But that story will happen when I show you my coffee landscapes.  But for today, I’m happy that I finished up four of my 12” x 12” paintings.  This is a final photo as I’m packing and storing them til my show in January.

8F08A156-00F5-460E-9E04-5ABBF3870A36I have the two coffee cup paintings…one says “Soorj” written in Armenian, and the other “coffee”.  The peace dove with pomegranate and the Armenian infinity symbol within a pomegranate.   I have this thing for pomegranates, which are not only the symbol for my Armenian culture but is also symbolic of abundance, prosperity, creativity and fertility.    To see some of my metal silver and copper pomegranate jewelry, please visit my shop at www.pomegranateandeye.etsy.com

Seven Months Later…

Unbelieveable how quickly time flies.  Here we are rounding the corner into the new year.  It’s December and two weeks until Christmas.  I last posted about taking this giant leap of faith in myself.  I said goodbye to my job of 14 years and took the jump. Both feet.  No looking back.  No more steady income.  Poof!  Finito!  And since that initial jump, seven months have flown by.

It’s been a productive seven months.  I started painting a series of paintings using Armenian coffee and recreating the landscapes that are the “fortune” in the cup.  These abstracts are 1’ x  3’ (exploded view 5x the cup dimension) and still hold the reading of the drinker of the coffee.  And then this lead to the painting other subject matter with coffee and doing smaller canvases.

I have wanted to create my own line of blank greeting cards, and that has also come to light in these past seven months.  I’m in love with pomegranates and so I created a 6 card pomegranate assortment from my illustrations…kind of like a “pom for all seasons” pack.

The most exciting thing that’s happened is that I’m going to have a show!  Roslin Gallery in Glendale is going to show my works in January, so I’m kind of in the home stretch as I’m dealing with both Christmas coming and producing work for my show.    Having a gallery interested in showing my works has been super validating and everyone needs a little validating, right?  I’ll have a collection of my works at the show:  coffee abstracts as well as subject paintings; pen and ink and colored pencil illustrations as well as my silver and copper jewelry.

Here are some of my pieces that have happened over these past seven months:


And finally, one of the reasons I haven’t posted in so long is that I was hoping to develop my website but it just hasn’t happened yet.  I was under construction for a long time and one evening, whilst at a Holiday event I was discussing my site (or lack of one) with a friend and he said, “Well, maybe you don’t need that right now.  Maybe all you need is your blog and to have it point to your etsy shop.”  And it was like an ah-ha moment.  He was so right.  Why complicate things.  And so here I am.

I don’t have my artwork on my site because I am getting ready for the show in January.  However, I am available for custom work.  My greeting cards are on my site along with my handmade jewelry.  Please pay me a visit:  www.pomegranateandeye.etsy.com

It feels good to be back here.  I hope to keep it regular.