I Paint With Armenian Coffee

If you’ve ever experienced drinking a small cup of Armenian coffee, you know that it packs a punch.  We pulverize/powder our coffee beans.  Even the “espresso” or “Turkish coffee” setting on the Trader Joe’s grinder isn’t fine enough.   I have found that it creates a beautiful and rich pigment that I love painting with.   What sparked my interest in painting with coffee happened years ago with a diagnosis of breast cancer and recovery.  But that story will happen when I show you my coffee landscapes.  But for today, I’m happy that I finished up four of my 12” x 12” paintings.  This is a final photo as I’m packing and storing them til my show in January.

8F08A156-00F5-460E-9E04-5ABBF3870A36I have the two coffee cup paintings…one says “Soorj” written in Armenian, and the other “coffee”.  The peace dove with pomegranate and the Armenian infinity symbol within a pomegranate.   I have this thing for pomegranates, which are not only the symbol for my Armenian culture but is also symbolic of abundance, prosperity, creativity and fertility.    To see some of my metal silver and copper pomegranate jewelry, please visit my shop at www.pomegranateandeye.etsy.com

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